Anelli Pasta Premium Supplier

Anelli pasta premium supplier by supplying and selling high quality health products, it has been able to encourage many people to buy this product. In addition to its beautiful appearance, this pasta has a very delicious taste, which is why many people want to buy this product in bulk and in general.

Anelli Pasta Premium Supplier

General Characteristics of Anelli Pasta

General Characteristics of Anelli Pasta Pasta nutrition facts: When you take the pasta in front of the light, it should be semi-transparent and free of any air bubbles and dark spots. The pasta does not contain semi-transparent eggs, but its color is bright yellow.

Their boiling time should not be too long. Pastas are a mixture of water and flour that are dried by wind and heat during the production process. So if we boil them too much, their appearance changes and they become dough.

In this case, some manufacturers use cooking preservatives to prevent this deformation, which increases the boiling time. Baking preservatives cause a feeling of heaviness, constipation, obesity, cancer and changes in taste.

If you are fully acquainted with the types of pasta characteristics you can buy the best type of product according to your taste and use it as well. Types of Fermi Pasta include Elbo Fermi Pasta, Butterfly Fermi Pasta, Piccoli Fermi Pasta, Disc Fermi Pasta, Bell Fermi Pasta, each of which has unique features, and you can make good quality products according to your needs. Buy and use first class.

Production of pasta pasta using equipped and modern machines so that producers can observe all the health and hygiene points when preparing and producing this product, and finally produce and market first-class and high-quality products, and through this, the brand of goods. Make their products popular among customers and buyers and increase the sales of their products dramatically.

Know More about Pasta Nutrition Facts

Know More about Pasta Nutrition Facts Anelli pasta soup is one of the most delicious foods prepared with the help of ready-made pastas. These products have an extremely high nutritional value and in fact people can use them as a healthy food. There are different types of pasta that can be classified into shaped, simple, vegetables, whole grains, etc., so each of them has a different nutritional value, below we will discuss the nutritional value of the simple type, which is more important. Is:

  • There are 158 kcal per 100 grams of cooked type.
  • Its fat reaches 0.9. Its saturated fat is 0.2.
  • Unsaturated fat is 0.3.
  • No cholesterol is found in it.
  • Its potassium is 44 mg.
  • There is 1 mg of sodium.

Of course, 31 grams of carbohydrates, 1.8 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein, but vegetable samples are slightly different from the simple type, for example, their calories are on average 128, as well as other items are less, while more fiber.

And their protein is almost the same, in general this nutrient is considered an important product that meets part of the body’s needs.

This product has important advantages that we mention below: First, its structure is completely different from other samples and it is narrow, wide and long, which is cooked with soft heat and kernels. This product does not lose its quality and texture and maintains its quality well with heat.

Other advantages include yellow and gold, which retain their color over time. This type of pasta has a lot of starch and can help a lot in losing weight. Sealing and sanitary packaging prevents contamination from penetrating the product, in which case it is easy to move.

Premium Manufacturer of Anelli Pasta

Premium Manufacturer of Anelli Pasta Premium manufacturer of Anelli pasta is the first and foremost distributor in the market and has been able to deliver its products to consumers in the shortest time. And brings a lot of profit for production. Distributors located throughout the country are constantly striving to establish extensive distributions from metallurgical purges.

These experienced people usually offer quality goods at the best prices for real consumers. On the other hand, because these distributors are located in all provinces, they have always provided access for all applicants. In this regard, consumers can buy their requested and preferred types by paying certain fees. Thus, in most parts of Iran, we see large gatherings of consumers to receive these first-class samples.

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